Football Feasts

Learn what a typical Mountaineer tailgate looks like and the food staples that make it iconic.


There is nothing like a Mountaineer tailgate, no matter if it sunny and 75 or blistering cold, the atmosphere does not change. One of the most important aspects of WVU football tailgates is definitely the food and drinks.

The Blue Lot which is situated between Ruby Memorial Hospital and Milan Puskar Stadium is where most Mountaineer fans find themselves to tailgate and enjoy the pre game festivities. Fans are commonly seen playing corn hole or passing around a football all while holding onto a favorite tailgating beverage or snack.

“At WVU tailgates my family brings homemade pepperoni rolls, meatballs, buffalo chicken dip and Flying WV cookies; among other things,” says West Virginia University student, Kirsten White.

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West Virginian’s are proud of their roots, so most of the food at WVU tailgates include native foods that represent their state.

Pepperoni rolls are arguably the most famous and iconic food staple of West Virginia and is a necessity at every true WVU tailgate.

“I did not know what Pepperoni Rolls were before I came to WVU, but they have changed my life. Pepperoni Rolls are delicious,” said Kenyatta Walker, a Georgia native.

Along with Pepperoni Rolls, West Virginia hot dogs are another classic. West Virginia hot dogs are topped with mustard, chili, coleslaw and chopped onion, to create yet another icon for Mountaineer nation.

With all this food there also need to be drink to wash it all down.

West Virginia University is one of the 34 schools in the entire nation that sells beer, wine and malt during football games. Not only did this idea increase massive profits for WVU but also the amount of arrests during football games decreased. Alcohol during games is not served past 7:30 minutes into the third quarter.

“For our tailgate I made Jell-O shots which I colored blue and gold, just so I could be creative about our drinks,” said Olivia Price, a junior at WVU and an avid tailgater.

West Virginia University is home to so many food and drink options that tailgates should not be an opportunity to pass up, as it is also a way to bond with your fellow Mountaineer supporters.

Cheers, Beers and Mountaineers!


West Virginia and their Hot Dogs

It’s no secret that West Virginia is known for 2 things: pepperoni rolls and hot dogs. No matter where you go in West Virginia, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find a great hot dog right around the corner. Here are 3 very unique hot dog stands that native and visiting West Virginia folks seem to love.

7afd0f_52860f8e1551472f9f6ec52f4f8a367eHillbilly Hot Dogs is a unique hot dog shack where you actually eat inside a school bus. Sonny and Sharie Knight originally opened the stand in 1999 but closed it 3 days after opening to get married. The reopened the stand to the public in 2009, which was when the school busses were added to the joint as well.7afd0f_d7d5ad562d59409f8d3f6b4048d675ae

Their menu is the end all and be all of hot dogs, ranging from the classic chill dog that West Virginia is known for, to the Motorman Dog which is a fried hot dog topped with onion rings. Business has been booming since they reopened and people flock to them for their amazing, one of a kind hot dogs.

Just when you think this place can’t get anymore unique, they have a wedding chapel where people get married! Because Sonny and Sharie initially closed to joint to marry themselves, they thought it would be a cute idea to have a wedding chapel on site for others to marry there. People love the idea and marry there all the time.


Yann’s Hot Dog Stand in Fairmont, WV is owned by Russell Yann, a man that will turn you away if you ask for ketchup on your hot dog. Yes, you read that right, don’t even think about asking Mr. Yann to add ketchup on your hot dog because he will surely point you towards the door.

Everyone seems to know not to ask for anything other than Yann’s Sauce on their hot dogs at Yann’s.

cszkyg-w8aavr0w-jpg-largeMorgantown recently got a new hot dog stand called Two and a Fry. This hot dog stand serves you two hot dogs and is home to famous french fries, according to West Virginia natives.

The stand offers more than just hot dogs and fries. Their chicken and burgers are crowd pleasers as well.

West Virginia natives are passionate about their hot dogs, and with places like these it’s east to see why.


Morgantown Late Night

morgantown_nightlife_sep2014_er_05-19c1bf42Here at WVU there is obviously a very large night life. The Princeton Review ranked WVU as the #2 party school this year. With another top five ranking under our belts WVU clearly knows how to spend the late night hours.

With such a large population stumbling around the downtown area, restaurants on High Street are doing great. Some of the biggest late night spots downtown are LotsaMozza, Casa d’Amici, SandwichU, Pita Pit, and D.P. Dough. Even off High Street a couple places are making off with all the drunk money. Insomnia Cookies and Rusted Musket are two big late night spots on Sunnyside.

The Rusted Musket has been serving Morgantown for over 20 years now. musketRichard Khoury is the owner of TRM and has created a name for himself by serving triple decker sandwiches to the masses.

“We’ve tried to incorporate all the best food into one giant sandwich,” said Khoury who has constantly added new menu items over the years.

TRM also delivers using two different mobile apps, as well as running their own deliveries through their store phone. This has allowed them to compete with the downtown restaurants, mainly SandwichU who also specializes in drunk sandwiches.

The students at WVU love TRM though, check out some of the tweets that people have posted.




With a great customer base TRM is one of WVU’s best late night eat spots. Proving its worth, TRM has survived over 20 years thus far and will continue to serve the WVU population.

What is Morgantown Missing?

Despite it’s overwhelming number of eateries, Morgantown is still found wanting by some of its residents.

In a convenience survey with 30 responses the answers were across the board but Cookout was named by 4 to be a restaurant needed in Morgantown. Cookout serves burgers, BBQ, hot dogs, and milkshakes according to their menu.

With locations in the southern area of the States it Cookout could make their way to Morgantown. They already have stores in Huntington and Beckley, WV.

The survey also showed some students are sick of all of the fast food options we have. Burger King, Arby’s, Golden Corral, and Qdoba were all on the list with multiple votes against each.

Students who participated identified Morgantown as needing more Italian options as well as needing better Southern options.

If you’re interested in voicing your opinions about the food options in Morgantown the survey is still live at

WVU Men’s D1 Club Hockey Team

Here at West Virginia University we offer many varsity sports in which the team is absolutely engulfed by a team of coaches and staff that control almost every aspect of life. From what food is eaten, to what class is taken, and even what they can do the night before a game. The university and coaches just want the best for their athletes.

img_1859The hockey program here at WVU although it’s not a varsity sport still receives help from the university because they are a D1 club team. Each practice the team begins with a meeting with the teams psychologist and nutritionist. They go over weekly stress levels, eating habits, extracurricular activities and overall are there to help monitor the well being of the team.

“I’ve never had more then a personal team trainer so converting to the collegiate team with a full staff here to help has made freshmen year easy,” said freshman forward Addison Collins.  img_1858

From never being told what to eat, to now having free roam of campus with a college meal plan that doesn’t say no, college has been a change. The nutritionist for the hockey team has set up the players all with diets and certain caloric intakes, as well as fitness plans they are too perform outside of practice hours.

The school provides free meals for athletes through the various businesses that exist in Morgantown, sadly none of the options are very healthy. But after each practice and game the team is allowed a free meal at Vocellis Pizza or Qdoba. The nutritionist for the team has recommended the following items be eaten by the team following games and practice.

  • Taco Salad with no bowl, with chicken, black bean and corn salsa, fat free picante ranch, salsa verde, fajita vegetables. Calories: 345 Fat: 12.
  • Tacos with flour soft tortilla, shredded beef, roasted chile corn, salsa roja, lettuce and fajita vegetables. 1 taco – Calories:195. Fat: 6
  • Burrito Bowl – Their burrito bowl is one of my favorites! With chicken, rice, beans, fajita vegetables and sour cream it is 555 calories.

“I always get the burrito bowl, cheat and get it with tortilla chips on the side too,” said senior captain Phil Laurelli.

Majority of the food options for the hockey team are very similar to the other sports teams in town because there is only so much for Morgantown to offer. The players are really encouraged to go and shop for their own meals if possible, cooking at home and choosing what you put into your body is the best way to stay healthy in a place like Morgantown.

Welcome to the new Coliseum

Check out the new food options the Coliseum has to offer…

As the weather is starting to cool and football season is slowly coming to a close, that means one thing. WVU Basketball is back, and debuting their games in the Coliseum which is currently undergoing renovations.

The West Virginia University Coliseum is home to multiple sports such as volleyball, wrestling, gymnastics and mens’s and women’s basketball.  At the same time as these sports are to compete, the Coliseum has been undergoing major upgrades, especially when it comes to food.

The old Coliseum structure only had 28 concession points of sale while the goal of the upgraded Coliseum is to have 52 concession points of sale, which includes ice-cream and hot dog vendors. But the biggest improvement is the addition of four major concession amenities called the Mountaineer Café, the Wild and Wonderful Canteen, the Country Roads Pit Stop and the Almost Heaven Bistro.

“The food will be provided by the company, Sodexo, so we will pick from what they have to offer,” said WVU sports nutritionist, Nettie Freshour.

Each of the four main concession points will also have a variety of options that sets them apart from each other.

For example, the Mountaineer Café will have a sports bar environment, inclusive of booths, tables and bar tables for up to 75 guests. In comparison to the other three concessions the Mountaineer Café food will be more sophisticated as it will have a carving section, Paninis, quesadillas and all your favorite sports bar foods.

The Wild and Wonderful Canteen is mostly focusing on West Virginia staples such as pepperoni rolls and iconic West Virginia hot dogs, topped with chili, slaw, mustard and onions.

“I’m hoping that there will be some type of juice or smoothie bar and a place with fruit in the new Coliseum plan, honestly just something healthy would be great,” said Habiba Shaker, a junior at WVU.

Shaker might not be in luck though, because both the Country Roads Pit Stop and Almost Heaven Bistro will feature classic concession items, with the only difference being that the Pit Stop will be similar to a convenience store with patrons being able to browse and pick their own items.


The new food options will also be used for student-athletes who will receive dinners twice a week when the appropriate concession has been completed.

What are you willing to try when the Coliseum is completely up and running?

It’s Not Just “Drunk Breakfast”

By: Lydia Alexander

Almost every WVU student, at one point or another on their stumble home on Friday or Saturday night,  has made their way into the Mountainlair for what we’ve all come to know as “Drunk Breakfast.” Others have enjoyed the free breakfast at leasure that WVUp All Night offers.

“Drunk Breakfast” is the name students have given to the service that WVUp All Night offers. Every week starting on Thursday and lasting through Saturday night into Sunday morning, they offers free food in the Mountainlair Student Union. The food ranges from nacho’s, hamburgers, hotdogs and french fries from 9 p.m. – 12 a.m. Then from 12 a.m. – 3 a.m. free breakfast is offered, consisting of eggs or omelets, donuts, bacon, and sometimes even waffles or pancakes.

However, WVUp All night strives to provide services that are available to all students, whatever their choice of weekend entertainment may be. It’s not just drunk breakfast for WVUp All Night and it’s staff. Two student interns for the program can speak on behalf of both students, and the organization.

“We talk about what were the most successful events and what are ones we do not want to bring back. We try to host as many events that are exciting as we can within our budget.” – Harper Hurwitz

Harper Hurwitz is one of WVUp All Night’s student interns. She works with the staff and other interns to plan events for the program. WVUp All Night looks to student for their feedback on what events they want to see in the program on a weekly basis. For instance, running polls on the organization’s Twitter account.

“I love getting feedback from everyone about how much they loved an event. It is the best feeling knowing that the work that I put in weekly for these events promotes a fun and relaxing environment for the whole university to be able to enjoy.” – Paige Klingensmith

Paige is another intern for the organization who works alongside Harper to organize and create events that cater to all students likings. Both Paige and Harper love seeing students reactions to events they put on.

WVU strives to make sure there is something on campus for all students. That’s one of the main goals of the program. For those who don’t like to go out and drink and party all weekend, WVUp All Night is a fun and free alternative. The program is such a successful because, let’s be honest, West Virginia is one of the duller states. Things like Coopers Rock and Blue Hole are out of the question for freshman and students without a car. WVUp All Night offers students a new option right on campus. The free food is just an enhancement to the several activities offered weekly through the program.

“Up All Night is the first-of-its-kind college late night programs ever, and really brings something different to campus,” – Paige Klingensmith